Dylan is 8-10 this tourney. 4 gappers!
From a customer we installed our products on, on the 1st day of the tournament.

Winter Nationals, Arizona

Soon after having the jackhammer installed my 12 yr old starting driving the ball. It wasn't long before his entire team was using the bat and seeing greater power and hitting dingers.

Best Hitting Aid Ever!


FYI....Eli hit a single, two legit doubles and a legit single to the wall on one hop. It’s the grip baby! He also pitched two innings struck five out. Best game I have ever seen him play.


Two different kids have hit home runs with treys bat. Parents are asking about the lumberjack.


My 10 year old is small but has great technique. He went from hitting soft line drives without the Jack Hammer to one hopping the fence in just a few games. He almost completed a cycle last.

Bruce Thompson