LumberJack™ is an ergonomic bat handle enhancement designed to increase your bat speed by improving your lower hand’s connection with the bat.

Better Grip ‡­­ Greater Power Transfer ‡­­ More Pop
A traditional bat contacts your lower hand in a very small area in your palm, leaving you unable to transfer full power to the ball. By removing gaps between your hand and bat, LumberJack™ allows you to transfer power more efficiently from hands, to bat, to ball.

Extra Rotation ‡ Increases Bat Speed ‡ Delays Roll Over
The shape of LumberJack™, its angle and hand to knob separation, provides you with 15º to 20º of extra bat rotation from your hands. Extra rotation means you can accelerate the bat to higher speeds and delay wrist roll over until well after ball contact. By generating more bat speed and eliminating early roll over, LumberJack™ effectively gives your bat more pop.

Relaxed at the Plate ‡ More Ball Contact
LumberJack™ closely resembles the natural shape of your hand allowing you to reduce grip force and muscle tension. When your hands and arms are relaxed, you react faster to whatever is thrown your way.

Works with ‡­­ Your Favorite Bat
LumberJack™ is designed to work with round handle baseball or softball bats - wood, aluminum or composite.

Compatible with ‡­­ JackHammer™
When used with JackHammer™, LumberJack™ locks the alignment of your hands into the proper “palm up, palm down” position, helping you achieve crucial late bat speed and efficient power transfer. For the best results, it is recommended to use them together.