JackHammer™ is an ergonomic bat handle enhancement designed to increase the power transferred from you to the ball by improving your upper hand’s connection with the bat.

Power Transfer ‡­­ More Pop
A traditional bat is loosely supported by muscle and loose skin that connects the thumb and index finger on your upper hand. When ball contact is made this loosely supported area acts as a shock absorber, robbing you of energy. By filling and compressing this area, JackHammer™ directs energy into the ball, rather than absorbing it with your hands. The result is a significant increase in the power transferred from you to the ball, producing more pop.

More Power ‡­­ Distinctive Sound
Everyone loves the crack of a good hit. A JackHammer™ equipped bat consistently produces that sound. Tests have shown that bats with a JackHammer™ compared to those without, produce a dramatically different sound. Try it on your bat. It’s a difference you can hear!
Works with ‡­­ Your Favorite Bat
JackHammer™ is designed to work with round handle baseball or softball bats - wood, aluminum or composite.

Compatible with ‡­­ LumberJack™
When used with LumberJack™, JackHammer™ locks the alignment of the hands into the proper “palm-up, palm-down” position, helping you achieve crucial late bat speed and efficient power transfer. For the best results, it is recommended to use them together.