Who we are

Sportovate is a company from Scottsdale, Arizona. We design and manufacture products to enhance your sporting experience. With our LumberJack and JackHammer, we offer advanced baseball and softball bat handle enhancements that can be easily incorporated onto your favorite bat. Sportovate stands for innovation, performance, comfort, functionality, simplicity and safety. All of our products help to improve your enjoyment of the game. Sportovate technology spells the end of uncomfortable handles and represents the future of bat handles for everyone.

What we do

Bat Handle Enhancements – LumberJack and JackHammer are revolutionizing baseball and softball instruction and play. Our focus is the integration of players to the games they love. Our bat handle enhancements can be simply and quickly integrated onto round handle baseball or softball bats - wood, aluminum or composite - and greatly improve your connection to them.

Sportovate Vision

LumberJack and JackHammer help teach proper technique silently, without the player even knowing that it is happening, so that they learn and improve and enjoy the game. Sportovate is dedicated to improving your sporting experience whether you are a player, parent, of fan.