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Sportovate has created several patented batting aids that helps improve your natural swing greatly improving power. Improved hand placement, reduction in shock absorption and increased bat speed are just a few of the known benefits that Jackhammer and Lumberjack provide.


Batting Enhancements



The JackHammer is designed to fill the gap between the upper palm and the bat, as well as compress the soft tissue between your thumb and index finger resulting in more power.




The LumberJack is designed to re-align the wrist and close the gap between the palm and the baseball bat which provides ten to fifteen degrees of rotation through the swing providing more power.



Jack Tape is specifically made for use with the Sportovate LumberJack and Sportovate Jackhammer. Special Grooves in the Jack Tape make it incredibly easy to apply for perfect coverage.


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Sportovate Baseball Batting Enhancements

After searching everywhere for products that were both affordable and high-quality, our CEO decided to try something new: provide customers with unique and beautiful products that people could actually afford. We started out with a few employees, one collection, and a lot of passion. And we learned that’s all it takes to start something extraordinary.


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FYI....Eli hit a single, two legit doubles and a legit single to the wall on one hop. It’s the grip baby! He also pitched two innings struck five out. Best game I have ever seen him play.



My 10 year old is small but has great technique. He went from hitting soft line drives without the Jack Hammer to one hopping the fence in just a few games. He almost completed a cycle last.

Bruce Thompson

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